Chiemi Hatano

My Flite

Being a one man band and making a film is hard.

Even harder if you are a woman in South America.

Skip Kosminki, the Gringo Andres is a Californian that lives in Ecuador for more than forty years. He is a legend of surf, he is the man that a started the surf Culture in the country.

Andres is not just a Californian that brought the surfing culture to Ecuador. He is the real surfing lesson. The way he chose to live his life the furthest away from the system as possible - In his house there is no television, computer or telephone he lives in the present moment; no virtuality only reality.

Andres shapes Amazing Balsa surfboards. His boards are pieces of art. His house is like a magnet of people from all over the world comes to visit him. The experience of living in his house was just incredible.

My Flite Trailer

Why did I decide to take a board

I went on my first surf trip alone and I really wanted to have the surfing experience. I went to Peru and I didn’t really find what I was looking for there and I got no swell so I decided to go to Ecuador. I heard about this fishermen village where the surf was good and the locals really friendly. So I ended up at Andres house. Since the first time I arrived there it all made sense all the real surfing experience I always wanted was there. I wanted to become like part of this Surfers family and when I saw one of Andres boards, I knew I needed to get one made for me.

My flite is a completely off the wall. As real as only the real life can feel. My time with Andres was like surfing a great wave to live with legend was the most amazing experience. I have found what I have been looking for a long time the surfing beyond the waters the surfing of life!

Chiemi Hatano

I studied filmmaking in Australia. After the course I wanted to make films but never found the subject or the right people to get involved in a project. When I randomly went to Andres house in Ecuador it was like having a moment of illumination!

It was clear to me what I needed to do.

I knew I wanted to live that experience and document it. Even if didn’t have anybody in my crew I would make my board, I would surf and would make my film.

take a peek at my showreelhere.